David G. AllenLeaving hometown and innocence behind, David traveled to distant lands by Ship, by Sky, and by Mind.

He returned from the journey with dangerous ideas, strange powder that explodes, and broken hearts (some parts of others’ got mixed in with his own). He keeps most of it locked in a wooden chest preserved with tar and reinforced with iron bands and padlocks.

The people in his village give him strange looks – travel has been both kind and cruel to the social outsider.

When he returned to fight in the Great War, he found that – up until then – he was a puppet in a diabolical plan to defeat true justice.

Now a double agent – he travels to multiple dimensions, foreign lands, and other worlds using wits, fists, and technological gadgets to collapse the Overlord’s organization from within. Oh, and lasers – don’t forget about the lasers.

Sometimes he’ll find treasure in the form of wisdom and share it. Sometimes he’ll find gold and various textiles that shimmer in the light – he keeps most of that for himself and his crew.

He’s been known for accidentally toppling despots and freeing the slaves of entire worlds – when all he was trying to do was obtain the golden statue.

Can do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs – but very frustrated that Han broke his record.

Came across a shelf of Christian books once – loves God, and the beliefs, but hates the prairie nonsense. Started writing stories that crank the entertainment dial up to 11, with themes that strengthen the minds of his allies.

The breakthroughs:

  •             Trust can be measured.
  •             You don’t have to be ruled by your past.
  •             If you’re evil and you win – you still lose.
  •             If you’re good and you lose – you still win.
  •             We were made to create, to love, to live long and prosper, to embrace the future and honor the past.

Dare to open the dark chest of wonders? Travel the Verse with the Independents? Go to Monaco in a Steampunk-style Zeppelin – dressed as a Victorian-era ambassador from Versailles?

So does he.

If anybody asks, here’s the cover story – David Allen is a business marketing management graduate in Austin, Texas who does absolutely NOTHING outlandish or risky whatsoever. Or does he?