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Note: thanks goes to JayNeanDD from flickr for the photoGreat news!

The rough draft of my next book is complete!

“That thing’s operational.” to quote Lando Calrissian.

Originally written because the Fonzie won’t just hand me the rights to MacGuyver, this book is larger than anything I’ve written. Emotionally Bulletproof – Book 3 was around 50,000 words, including back matter. This thing is over 65,000 words and is designed as two plotlines that steadily converge into a superhero origin story. I plan for subsequent books in the series to focus mainly on one character as he gets into – and out of – dangerous situations in order to help others.

NaNoWriMo was a great success. I wrote 62,000 words, roughly, between November 3 and month’s end. Then it took until Dec. 5 to tickle out the conclusion. 33 days to a novel while working two jobs? It can be done.

Over, under, around, or through – whatever it takes, I’ll do! Except spiders and frontal nudity – at least not at the same time.

So what’s next?

Fresh eyes are good, just ask any book editor or Eskimo.  For 2-3 weeks I’ll break from the manuscript to focus on marketing, experimenting with new ideas, plotting the arc for the whole series, and reading research material that should help in that process.

From there, it’s major surgery, plastic surgery, wardrobe, makeup, etc – then off to the beta readers, editors, and proofreaders.

Why do I bring this up? Because I’d love for you to be a beta reader!

If you’d like to get a first look at my novel, in exchange for some notes about what you liked and didn’t, sign up on the right to join my mailing list.

What? You think I’d ignore the people who sign up for that? No, no compadre. They are the honored guests at my house. Bread and water for all of them!

It will be first come first served when I send the invite, so come on over.