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Mynephew1 by Copo on sxc.huSome things are too awesome not to share.

This is the first of a (hopefully) many-part series that will send some goodwill towards anybody who’s doing really cool stuff.

Blackbeard V. Al Capone

No, it’s not a supreme court case, though I’d watch that.

This is the epic rap battles of history. When I told a friend about this, he slapped his own face in shock “You’ve just now found out about this!”

Maybe I’m not the only one.

Disclaimer: it is PG-13, I’d say, mainly because of language. But incredibly hilarious for anyone who knows basic info about historical figures.

My only complaint? They use too many fictional characters in their other ones.

-1 for legitimacy.

An Injection of Heavy Metal

I mostly gave up heavy metal because the lyrics were too depressing to dwell on over a long time. Occasionally I’ll get my fix through ‘metal’ versions of non-metal songs.

The chef in that kitchen is Eric Calderone. Aside from being a great shredding guitarist, he seems to have a cool sense of humor. If he put a collection on Spotify, his stuff would probably get spread around like the flu in early spring.


What about you guys? Any awesome stuff you’ve seen on the net?

In case this even needs to be said, anything worse than an R rating will disappear. I appreciate freedom of speech, but this website is run by a dictator with boundaries (me), and I won’t have any of that.


March 28, 2014 — 1,154 Comments

The worst place you can be… is stuck.

There is something terrifying about not being able to go anywhere.



The cartoonish definitions of Hell, (and even Heaven) – seem pretty unattractive from this perspective.

Can you imagine being on a cloud, being able to do nothing but play a harp – Watching your loved ones screw up, get into car wrecks, choose the wrong partners, and eat another Nachos Bell Grande? Oh COME ON!

That stuck feeling is captured so well in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner:

Day after day

Day after day

Nor Sun, Nor Wind, Nor Motion

As Idle as a Painted Ship

Upon a Painted Ocean

If you have time to check out this podcast with Jon Acuff, I recommend doing so, and his book: Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters (which is an affiliate link)

It’s all about the father of Momentum – STARTING!

If you’re planning on starting a business it’s great, but even if you’re not, there’s still a reason you’re here.

For me, it’s writing – I enjoy that more than anything (except maybe travel).

I could choose to not write any book UNLESS another world-shifting idea comes along like Emotionally Bulletproof. But if I did that, my skills at writing would get so rusty that when that next idea came around, I wouldn’t be able to share it in the best way possible. So, in the meantime, I’ll write a lot to keep momentum going, and a lot of it will be entertainment focused.

For you it may be writing, or something completely different.

If years have gone by without you taking that first step, it’s time to put together a plan that works this part of your desires into your life. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you still have an idea of some things that you LIKE to do, but aren’t doing.

I’m not asking you to stop everything. Just find a way to put in even 15 minutes a day into it. It’s less about how much that 15 minutes will do for you, and more about how the action itself gets you moving.

Then you’re no longer unstuck, you’re going forward. Even if all you do is walk, walking consistently can take you to many places if you do it long enough. And you have to leave the house to find a bike, and you may need to ride a bike to find a bus…

You know the drill.

When you build momentum, you are better at Getting the Job Done, which is 1/3 of what you need to be 100% trustworthy.

Stay strong, compañeros.


P.S. The school of greatness podcast is a great thing to listen to while driving (until I have audiobooks, Buahahaha). I’ve even done some work for Lewis Howes, and really like the direction he’s going with his platform.



It seems that people who have completely given up on achieving their goals – who’ve thrown in the towel when it comes to making plans – those people have the greatest faith. Or the worst.

I’ve always been the type of person who doesn’t really care about survival. Getting to the next month in the same situation I was in before is a real turn off. As long as the status quo sucks, why would I care about keeping things the way they are?

What do I care about? Thrival.

Don’t know if that’s even a word, but you can probably tell what it means.

It’s “survival +1 or more”.

I cared more about getting to Austin and living here than anything in the world. Career-wise, I have been let down more than Tyrion fans who frantically flip through Feast for Crows for another chapter about their favorite japing imp.

That was some weak sauce, George RR Martin. No Daenarys, No Tyrion, and only 2 chapters about Arya? I’m tempted to just skip this book.

What about the people who set goals and actually achieve them? Are they just lucky, or is it because their faith is simply better than mine.

Either way, I may have to move out of Texas to continue pursuing a career in writing. There’s another job opportunity that I’m looking at, and if things go well there, it may only take me – 5 years – before I can move back to the land I love. The job is not a writing job, but it will allow me to pour an extra 20 hours per week into making the best damn stories possible.

The exception is if something different happens in the next 2.5-7 weeks – something that hasn’t happened in the last 120 weeks or so. If I knew what to do differently, I’d do it.

Not trying to complain. I’ll do well no matter where I go, but I just don’t want to go anywhere else.

Have you succeeded at the goals you care about the most? If you’re a Christian, how did you keep the faith when you were down?

Liberating Graduation From University - photo by mattosaur4 on

Graduation – if nothing else – closes one chapter and opens another.

It took about five months to finish three semesters’ worth of college.

This is why I haven’t done a lot of blog posts.

As someone who went to State, Private, and Online Accredited Universities, the online option was just as challenging as regular university. The difference? No wasted time whatsoever. And trust me, a lot of time is wasted in a classroom environment.

How can you do 47 credit hours in just five months? It’s easily possible in several steps:

1. 80/20. Most of your results will come from 20% of your activities. If you know how your mind works, you can utilize the tools that work best for you to apply the information.

NOTE: another bonus of the 80/20 principle:  It only takes a bit of time to learn 80% of the material. Then, an equal amount of time to get the next 16% or so. Same again for the last 4%. This is true for any job, learning any language, and knowing how to play the guitar. Knowing when you’ve got most of it allows you to test out of classes. It takes a lot of work, but things get done so much faster.

2. Model effective people.

I found the system that worked best for my unique situation (Online). Then I modeled someone who had a career, AND a family, and managed to get 128 credits done in 6 months!

(NOTE: Much of this comes from the fact that she’s already accomplished in her field, so she may not have to study like the rest of us. Still, the point applies.)

3. Once you know how long it takes to do each type of course, plot out deadlines for each course that are do-able, but still challenge you.

4. Lastly, dedicate an uninterrupted block of time to complete each deliverable that contributes the most to your ability to understand the material that matters. Do this every day.

But what about the Stories?

Yeah, this is a non-writerly post. But I’m putting it up anyway because many people find it intimidating to finish their degree. By any other system that would not let me apply what I already know, it would have taken a year and a half. Now it took 5 months.

Now back to the writing. My second screenplay will be finished by Friday, then it’s back to the Novel. I plan on producing a lot of great stuff in the coming year. Stay tuned.

EB SS B1Thanks for visiting my page.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the book promo – here is a link to Emotionally Bulletproof on Amazon. Kindle users get it free until Friday 14th. You heard me, free.

It’s a fast read, with enough action to keep things going without detracting from it’s purpose, to sharpen your skills in trust. Who knows what doors will open in your life just by being aware of what you want.

A better world begins with you, me, and all of us.

In the meantime…

Look around the site, read the posts if they strike your fancy, and try not to tease the T-Rex in my basement – he has self confidence issues.

Thanks to Francois Pointeau for his never ending search for great content, and for LaLove Robinson for her being a dynamic Co-Guest. Check out her poetry slam at WoWPS if you dig women who rhyme – at least some of the time.